30 May 2016

Early Childhood Development (ECD) programmes at the Aga Khan Lycée, Khorog, Tajikistan. AKDN /
Jean-Luc Ray

21 May 2016
Collectively the 68 members of #graduatingclass of #AgaKhan Academy #Mombasa have been offered over US$5m in scholarships + financial aid.
27 May 2016

Students of the master instrumentalist, singer, and entertainer, Zainidin Imanaliev playing traditional Kyrgyz music.

Kyrgyz music is rooted in the sensibility of nomads who inhabit a...

21 May 2016

His Highness the Aga Khan meets Prime Minister Trudeau

43 million
The Aga Khan Trust for Culture's parks and gardens attract over 5 million people per year.  Over 43 million visitors have visited since they opened.
AKDN employs 80,000 people in over 30 countries around the world. AKDN also relies on thousands of volunteers to help implement and maintain its projects, notably at health and education facilities.
10 million
Each year, in collaboration with its partners, the AKDN generates electricity for 10 million people who were previously without reliable energy supplies.